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Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that is naturally created from the decay of radioactive elements, such as uranium, which are found in different amounts in soil and rock throughout the world. 


Radon breaks down into solid radioactive elements called radon progeny, which then attach themselves to dust and other airborne particulates that can be absorbed into the lungs through respiration. As radon and radon progeny in the air break down, they give off radiation that damage the DNA inside the body’s cells.


Continued exposure to a high Radon level causes these radioactive cells to replicate in a process called mutagenesis, this process deeply affects the overall cellular activity within lung tissue and causes an observable increase in the chance of contracting lung cancer. 


While EPA and Ohio Department of Health regulations and codes must be adhered to, we at CSI Radon, firmly believe that the client should be intimately involved in the mitigation process. We don’t TELL you how the system will be installed, we ASK you what you would like. That’s why our process begins with a short meeting at your home to survey the details of your house and inform you of your options. We will provide guiding advice regarding the type of system that may be best for your home (sump drain tile, sub slab, etc.), but you will be part of all decisions. We don’t make every home fit into the same standard installation plan. Many of the choices can be yours, such as whether to have an internally or externally installed fan. Your satisfaction with the system is as important to us as reducing your radon to safe levels. After we joint agree on the details and type of system that will be employed, we will provide you with an accurate estimate and give you scheduling options.


On installation day we will arrive promptly at the scheduled time. Depending on the details of the project/system, installation is generally complete in 3-6 hours.


We clean up and leave your home free from any trash or debris.


The overall details of your individual project will dictate much of the cost. Historically 80+% of our systems cost between $1,000 – 1,200.

We INCLUDE a post-test with all of our installations to ensure effectiveness of our systems.


We guarantee our systems to effectively reduce your home’s radon levels below the EPA’s recommended 4.0 pCi/L of air, but we usually achieve results much better (often below 1.0). All fans are warranted by the manufacturer for 5 years and additionally, CSI warrants other parts and labor for 10 years.

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We can test for radon with our state-of-the-art monitors. This process is very simple; we set up the monitor for the two-day testing process. After 48 hours of continuous testing, we will have a detailed report with results, recommendations, and our comments.

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