About CSI

Why Choose Complete Search Inspection?

Owner and operator of CSI, Ted Welch, brings a fresh and unique perspective to property inspection. Born in Akron to an auto worker father and school bus driving mother, Ted, was the only one of six children to attend and graduate from college. Having spent the last 30+ years in financial services, Ted could never let go of his blue-collar roots. From changing transmissions in cars with his father as a teen to roofing houses in college to doing his own landscaping and lawn maintenance to this day, Ted has always had a penchant for anything mechanical.

As a father of 9 children (4 biological and 5 adopted) and an owner of many homes during his 30-year marriage to his wife, Lisa, Ted has always had an eye for, and a hand in, quality home construction and proper home maintenance.

Also, Ted and his wife have committed their life to serving young people as is evidenced by their adoption of five children. They believe very strongly that every young person can accomplish great things with guidance and mentoring from adults experienced in life’s everyday demands.

And so, Ted has left the corporate white-collar world and launched Complete Search Inspection (CSI), not only to provide the highest quality service to current and prospective homeowners, but also to be used as a medium for providing educational assistance and vocational support to area young adults.

The Future of CSI

Ted’s vision for CSI is to grow throughout NE Ohio through the creation of multiple crews of well-trained and focused young adults looking to apply their energy and ambition to an important and meaningful service to property owners.  High focus will be put on thoroughness and quality, which are important aspects of any business.

CSI plans to become known as the premier provider of home inspection services throughout the region.

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